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WIN provides a process and a guide to foster rewarding performance and life experiences for those seeking their best.

WIN offers tools for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, performers, and coaches to use to achieve higher outcomes and fulfill their potential. More importantly, WIN's principles cultivate positive emotions while pursuing these activities, and solidify one's sense of awesomeness. WIN also motivates anyone not physically active yet, to engage in exercise and movement for the benefit of maximum emotional well-being.


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Increase your intention with WIN candles.

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A lifelong competitor, coach, and sport psychologist  in her practice Northwest Performance Psychology, PLLC , Dr. Liz Boyer, has served athletes, coaches, teams, and professionals at every level across the spectrum of sport and elite competition.


In developing the WIN program,  Dr. Boyer combines her years of experience with a specific toolkit for those looking to achieve more in their work, play, and life.


WIN is a process for success.

It reflects her passion for creating positive habits, productive mindsets, and high performing environments that can bring YOUR intention to reality.

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