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More than a Mindset

WIN (WithINtention) provides tools for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, performers, and coaches that can be used to achieve higher outcomes and fulfill their potential.

WIN's process and
guides foster rewarding performances and life experiences for those seeking their best.

The team at WIN recently started an 8-week online program where small cohorts of coaches can join the WIN community, meet each other in a virtual setting, and learn the principles of WIN that can then be passed along to players and other members of the team. 

Practice | Thrive | Exceed

Make your next competitive season your best season by intentionally developing your game plan now with the WIN Workout.

  • Join a community of other high-achieving and growth-minded coaches as you learn how to put into practice proven principles to help you and your athletes thrive on and off the field. 

  • Combine self-paced course content related to well-being and high performance, with live group workshops and discussions, so you can get real-time feedback and support on the the particular factors that will help you and your team exceed past experiences and goals. 

  • Develop a plan for the best season, where you connect with your athletes, increase their well-being, upskill performance, and feel great while doing it. 

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Take a peak at what you get by joining a WIN cohort.

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Meet WIN's Founder

Dr. Elizabeth Boyer, WIN Founder

A lifelong competitor, coach, and sport psychologist in her practice Northwest Performance Psychology, PLLC , Dr. Liz Boyer has served athletes, coaches, and trainers in Olypmic, Professional, College, and High School sports programs.

WIN is a process for success that synthesizes her learnings in creating positive habits, productive mindsets, and high-performing environments and translates them into an easy-to-comprehend playbook that can bring YOUR intention to reality. 

The WIN Cohort program is an extension of her counseling that takes the principles she uses in her one-on-one sessions, and summarizes them into an eight-week online group program for coaches around the country who are looking to achieve more in their work, play, and life. 

Dr. Boyer has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Washington, a Masters of Psychology from Boston University, and a Doctorate in Performance Psychology from the University of North Texas. She is a former high school gymnastics coach and is now a spectator for her children who participate in soccer and basketball. 

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